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AMPwebdevelopers brought to you by Brandon and Chad Burns. Well we are not your normal brothers on the block. Our days consisted of tape, screws, rubber bands, aluminum, foil, popsicle sticks busted computer screens and torn apart hard drives and oh so much more just to fancy our little minds.

AMP Web Developers owner Picture

Living with three brothers with creative minds tends to be a laboratory of inventions and crazy gizmos. Sure we cleaned our mess up and yes we made a hovercraft that floated around our basement and yes we planned to find Atlantis the lost city of power. We always wanted to figure out the unknown and discover something amazing that would change the world.

AMP Web Developers owner Picture

We have a little bit of an age gap which was nice because we both got to explore our own little worlds and figure out who we really were. Having a father that owned a company and a mother who cared for us was a very important start to who we are, business was engraved into our blood.At a young age we became fascinated with computers, our curiosity flooded our imaginations leaving us pondering.